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We help clients from around the world manufacture their goods in overlooked production hubs at globally competitive cost and quality levels. We develop close relationships with our clients and their products, locate manufacturers meeting Tigeriam’s labor and environmental standards, and intimately facilitate the coordination necessary to repeatedly deliver profitable, ethically-sourced items. Financing is one of Tigeriam’s killer apps: we offer extremely competitive and transparent terms to our clients.

Manufacturing Partnership Philosophy

Tigeriam identifies manufacturing partners whose practices align with our ethical growth philosophy. We work with factories that are keen on establishing a fair and secure work environment for their employees and which aspire and adhere to environmentally- and socially- sustainable practices. Tigeriam aims to expand and deepen its portfolio of partnerships with the goal of delivering high performance products made from the highest-quality and environmentally-friendly materials.


We presently assist retailers in the production of bags, aprons, zip pouches, kits, blankets, and tents.


Our product portfolio currently includes gloves, bags, aprons, sheaths, and other accessories. We work with vertically-integrated factories which are therefore capable of producing items at volume that meet our clients’ high-quality standards.


Tigeriam is working closely with small, family-run factories in Punjab Province, Pakistan, to produce a variety of metal products including Damascus Steel knives and hatchets. These products are handmade using sustainable materials. The Damascus Steel knife, for example, is manufactured from scrap metal sourced from train tracks, ships, and elsewhere, while the handles are made from FSC-certified wood.

Our aim is to become an independent cottage maker of niche, bespoke, high quality, high- performance metal products in the coming years.

Performance Materials

Product performance and durability are key elements driving Tigeriam’s evaluation and selection of manufacturing partners and clients. We aspire to help bring to market items and brands that have or will have reputations for quality, value, uniqueness, and desirability. As part of this aspiration, the company looks to take advantage of and incorporate special materials and manufacturing techniques into product development — all while adhering to our ethical code.

Specialty Woods

Tigeriam looks to assemble new and reclaimed wooden items including foldable furniture, kitchenware, and other home and office products. We are actively seeking out producers of various types of sustainably-sourced woods.