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When it comes to sports the fabric of the equipment and clothing is as important as any other aspect. Tigeriam uses performance materials that are tailored to the requirements of industries including sports and military.
Our performance fabrics work with the body of the athlete to provide necessary features like temperature control, mold and mildew resistance, antibacterial properties, and much more. These materials have application in products including sportswear, mountaineering, uniforms, and industrial applications.

Leather goods

Tigeriam produces high-quality leather goods to meet the requirements of our consumers. We manufacture leather gloves, bags, accessories, and other products.

Performance Materials

Producing performance materials for manufacturing lasting and durable sports gear including sports shoes, gloves, safety equipment, and accessories.


We assemble superior quality wooden items including folding furniture, cutting boards, and other home products. Trigeriam also manages delivery and handling of these products.

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